Hummingbird collection


Discover the Hummingbird Collection and bring to life Francis Dick's beautiful Kwakwaka'wakw art. Each piece is crafted with quality in mind - from the zippered travel wallet and coin purse to the dishwasher-safe 10 fl oz/295 ml mug, neoprene lunch bag, oven mitt, microfibre towel, insulated stainless steel bottle and sleeve, and 100% polyester 70 in. by 21.5 in. scarf. Enhance your lifestyle with this unique collection.


Zippered Travel Wallet   $49.98

Coin Purse                     $23.98

Dishwasher safe 10 fl oz/295 ml Mug  $15.98 

Neoprene lunch bag    $19.98

Oven Mitt                     $15.98

Microfibre Towel         $14.98

Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle and Sleeve  $29.98

Scarf...100% polyester   70 in. by 21.5in.    $24.98